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Monday, November 17, 2008

Investing In The Indian Stock Market

Investing in Indian Shares - The Indian Stock Market and Technical Analysis

After every trading day, data from the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange is scanned by a program which uses a sixteen part mathematical filter. This filter looks for price trend patterns which indicate a top performing Indian stock.

By using this mathematical process (technical analysis) the hot stocks can be discovered and listed according to performance. This result is completely free of personal opinion or any other sort of deliberate bias. Indian shares listed in the free daily report have been showing excellent technical characteristics up to the date of analysis. This does not mean that the good performance will continue.

The Indian Stock Market report contains:

(1) Name of the security.
(2) Previous closing price.
(3) Percentage rate of change over the past ten and sixty days trading.
(4) Index Relativity.
(5) Percentage drop from the highest price over the past sixty trading days.

The Index Relativity compares the percentage rate of change of the price over the past five trading days to the BSE Sensex Index percentage rate of change over the same period. This will tell you, the investor how the Indian stock is performing when compared to the market index.

It is an advantage to combine the technical analysis (link) report with quality fundamental analysis (link). When both agree then there is a higher probability of continuing performance. These fundamentals can be obtained from your Stock Broker.

You can obtain this free daily report without any registration or signups required. It is produced for you after every trading day and is available from http://www.sharesdaily.in

By : Charlie Rufus
Charlie Rufus has been a Technical Analyst since 1982 and has produced a free report covering both the Bombay Stock Exchange and the National Stock Exchange of India. His website is http://www.sharesdaily.in

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